Cleveland Police auction set to attract scores of bargain hunters this June

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Next month, the Division of Cleveland Police will be holding one of the cities largest auctions.

Cleveland Police Sgt. Kyle Stouges offered Cleveland 19 a tour through rows of goods that will sell for pennies on the dollar.

"What we have here is quite a bit of jewelry. We probably have over 50 bags of assorted jewelry," said Stouges.

It's all found, abandoned or forfeited property the city is trying to get off its hands.

"Campbell Jersey, $320 -- original jersey. You have a Cleveland Cavs championship jacket," said Stouges.

"We can start at $5, $10 and just go from there. It goes up real quick. It's auction fever. People get into it very quickly and people see items that they want," he said.

You can find almost anything here on the shelves. From Michael Jordan's signature shoes to his actual memorabilia.

"There are a lot of diamonds in the rough here, especially with the jewelry. You might find some great jewelry in there," said Sgt. Stouges.

The auction happens every three to four years and it's really a chance for people to find hot deals.

"I also have a lot of nice fixtures as far as tablets, iPhones. Good quality too. Werner ladders, some name brand stuff in here," said Stouges.

Most importantly, the funds go right back into the community.

"Everything that we collect gets deposited and the city does what they do with it," said Stouges.

The auction starts on June 2 at 9 a,m.

No warranties or guarantees, and it's cash only.

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