7 Do's and Don'ts for washing your car in Northeast Ohio

NORTHEAST OHIO (WOIO) - What are you getting for your money when you drive thru a car wash...or get it detailed?

And what damage could you be doing to your vehicle whether there, or washing it in your own driveway?

Reporter Jen Picciano has some Do's and Don'ts from industry experts, so you're spending and washing wisely.

Abe Eadeh with Extreme Auto Detailing says:

1. Don't wash your car with dish soap.

"It will strip the wax off, and your car will not have protection anymore because it has degreasing components in it which is not good," he said.

2. Don't use products for unintended purposes, like wheel cleaner on leather or upholstery, or tire shine on your dash.

"You can do a lot of damage by doing that," Eadeh said.

Mike Surgeon at Waterway Car Wash in Pepper Pike offered advice to get the best value and protect your vehicle.

3. Do use a laser car wash for cars with soft tops, so nothing touches your vehicle.

4. Do spend the money on clear coat, body shine or Rain-X wax.

He says add-ons like those work better at repelling dirt than they used to.

"You should be able to see it by the beading action on your car. So your next rain should give you beading. When you add a wax it should help your car to repel the next rain, and that builds up over time, helps you do less maintenance on your car by hand waxing or anything like that," Surgeon said.

5. Do spend the extra money on wheel cleaner.

"Most people will know when your wheels are turning black. a lot of the BMW, Audi have really great break pads but the result  is more break dust and the wheels will definitely need the attention."

6. Do spend the money on a monthly unlimited membership at a conveyor style car wash to get the best price per wash.

7. Do use soft water if you can, to avoid hard water spots when your car dries.

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