Opa! Tremont's Greek Festival going strong for nearly 50 years

Tremont, OH (WOIO) - When you see a big white and blue balloon from the Innerbelt Bridge near West !4th Street, you know what time of year it is.

The Greek Festival in Tremont, and it's not just an event--it's an experience for everyone involved.

Aphrodite Ganotis and Irene Roff offered a behind-the-scenes look from the baklava to the gyro's.

And to get this done, it does take a village.

"We have woman who are up to 94 years old who have been here for every single festival," said Ganotis.

And they are the ones rolling the dough for some of the more popular cookies.

They are also the ones rolling the dolmates otherwise known as stuffed grape leaves.

They will make 10,000 stuffed grape leaves with meat, rice and some are vegetarian.

Nico Semertsidis prepares the dozens of cans of tomato sauce for 1,400 lamb shanks.

Those are prepared the day of, and this is one of the more popular items.

Nico says it takes long hours to get this festival on its feet for one reason: "It's a deep love we have for the community here also to keep on the tradition of the elders."

From elders to the kids everyone has a hand or should I say lifts a hand to help.

The kids help with the setup and running messages from one parent to another.

But it's the elders that make some of the favorites, like 1,000 pieces of baklava.

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