Strongsville police stress vigilance as burglaries set to rise this summer

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching, and with it comes the unofficial start of summer.

It also means we will be outside of our homes, with doors, windows and garages open.

In other words it is an open invitation to thieves to break into our homes.

Crime stats, traditionally, show an increase of home burglaries as the summer heats up, when we let our guard down a bit when it comes to keeping safety a priority in our homes.

Strongsville police recently held a home safety seminar where they went over a number of topics including what we all need to remember this time of the year.

Among the basics, keep the bushes around your windows trimmed.

Tall bushes give thieves someplace to hide as they try to get in an open window.

Windows are a key part of your safety plan, they should be closed and locked when you are not home, unless, Strongsville police say, you have a secondary locking system.

Also, never leave the garage door open unless you are in the area and can keep an eye on the garage.

Michael Lavu was at the safety seminar, "You've got to be vigilant with what's going on around your home. We have a dog he might scare somebody, but usually you just have to be conscious of what's around you," he said.

Police also say you should have a plan for summer vacation that includes timers on your lights and someone who can pick up your mail.

"We also at Strongsville Police have a vacation special attention program so you can notify our department that you're going to be on vacation and our officers will drive by and check your residence daily to make sure there is nothing going on," said Sgt. Lee Colgrove.

One of the best deterrent plans is having good neighbors, neighbors who look out for one another.

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