Jayson Tatum still chasing LeBron James

BOSTON, MA (WOIO) - Seems like Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum has been chasing Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James for years.

When Tatum was 8-years-old, his godfather, former Cavaliers guard Larry Hughes, took him to practice, where Tatum got to shoot around with...LeBron James.

Six years later, 14-year old Jayson made a public plea on Twitter, asking LeBron for a 'follow'. Now, he's at it again, just one of a few Celtics who've been trying to slow down James during yet another incredible postseason run.

Wednesday morning at the team's shootaround, LeBron was asked if he remembers 8-year old Jayson.

"I do. I do", said James, not willing to engage on a light topic on a game day. When asked what he remembers, LeBron simply said "that he was 8 and he shot around with us."

But James is more than willing to talk about Tatum's fast development at the age of 20, and his impact on a young Celtics team that wasn't supposed to be in the conference finals.

"I think his composure", LeBron said. "He plays above his age. I think the unfortunate events of the injuries they've had (Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward) allowed him to get better even faster than they expected."

Speaking of fast, the Celtics waste no time turning mistakes into points, so the Cavaliers know they can't turn the ball over 19 times again, as they did in Game 4.

"We're trying to make plays", LeBron said, "and the attack turnovers has always been okay. It's the careless turnovers that we can't have...these young guys (on the Celtics), they get out and running and you can't catch 'em."

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