Craft for a cause: Proceeds from Lakewood home brewer's beer benefit autism

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - A home beer brewer in Lakewood is getting some major recognition.

One of Ean Fakan's craft beers is now being poured from a tap at Bad Tom Smith Brewing in Ohio City.

Fakan was inspired to create Sub-Zero Beer-O during one frigid Cleveland winter when people were throwing boiling water into the air to see it freeze instantly.

"Back then, we'd brew it on the stove top, and you have to chill it really quickly to get the proteins to settle out, so you get a nice clear beer without any off flavors. So, we took it right from the stove to a mound of snow outside and just chilled the beer in a cold, subzero Cleveland winter," said Fakan.

Fast forward seven years to today, and Sub-Zero Beer-o is getting Fakan noticed - winning him an award in a contest that was sponsored by Bad Tom Smith Brewing.

"It's the coolest opportunity. I did not expect something like that," said Fakan with a smile.

Fakan says having the right equipment makes all the difference in creating a brew that's now bumped him up to more of a pro-status.

Fakan uses a Chronical Stainless Steel Vessel to make his beer.

"Plastic buckets are fine to start with, but you can only make beer that is so good. Plastic can have bacteria in it. Plastic is porous. So, when you move up to something like that you can get consistently good beer," said Fakan.

If you are interested in trying Sub-Zero Beer-O, on Saturday, you can buy a pint at Bad Tom Smith Brewing in Ohio City and 40 percent of the proceeds from Fakan's beer will go to Autism Speaks.

Fakan's other passion is helping kids - he's an intervention specialist.

If Sub-Zero Beer-O generates enough of a social media buzz and enough sales, the beer will be sold not only here in Cleveland but distributed by Bad Tom Smith Brewing in Cincinnati, too.

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