GasBuddy pairs with fueling chain to offer savings through first-of-its-kind app

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - More and more people are getting use to the idea of paying for items with a cell phone.

That option is coming now to the gas pump with a first-of-its-kind app.

GasBuddy, the gas price tracking app, and the fueling station chain Love's have teamed up to not only make paying at the pump easy but save you money at the same time.

This program goes through the current Pay With GasBuddy app that saves users $0.05 a gallon, but now it goes high-tech.

Right now this will only work at Love's gas stations but the plan is to expand.

"Just at Love's for now. And yes, there are plans to expand. Our goal to cover 20 percent of stations across the U.S.," Allison Mac with GasBuddy said. "Fun fact: There are 120,000 stations in the country."

The way it works is when you pull up to a pump at a Love's station the app will recognize where you are.

You put in the pump number that you're trying to use, the app will recognize and authorize the pump.

The cost of the gas is charged through your GasBuddy account that uses your checking account.

In Ohio there are only a handful of Love's locations but if a summer road trip is in your future it might be worth finding them to save money.