Steel plates on East 9th Street in Cleveland to disappear by the weekend

. - The annoying metal plates that line a busy stretch of East 9th near Euclid Avenue will be gone by the weekend Cleveland 19 has learned.

Fill dirt is finally being shoveled into one of many holes that had been covered for weeks by the metal plates.

The original work was the replacement of an ATT line damaged by steam pipes underground. We also dug and found the reason for the delay.  It had to do with the city's insistence on a permit to complete the work.

Seems the ATT repair had been done for some time.  The work was all set to button up.  The contractor came to do it but the city said they only had a one lane permit and needed a two lane permit.

The city halted work the.  It created a delay of almost a month till the new permit was issued.

In the past we've focused on drivers frustration with the plates and the delay.

The work began in February and could have been wrapped up April 27 had the city not insisted on the permit issue.

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