Lorain County students shine In culinary arts scene: Romona's Kids

OBERLIN, OH (WOIO) - Some local students are making a name for themselves in fields ranging from baking to carpentry to forensic medicine, thanks to a school that's been raking in the medals for years now.

Dozens of students at Lorain County Joint Vocational School will be competing at the national level after taking top honors at state competitions, in events like "Best Culinary Team." Bre Unger, Zarriah Bobbitt and Kailey Hoopes took the gold.

"For states we made hanger steak with parmesan and mushroom risotto, and Zarriah made a chocolate mousse tart, it was super good," said Unger. "Kailey did a lot of the prep and they told us we did a good job, a lot of teamwork."

There's a lot of bling in the kitchen with all of the gold medals. Timothy Livingston took gold for Applied Culinary Math, and Anthony Dodiq not only cooks, he's a gold medal winner for Web And Graphic Design.

Xavier Speckhart won gold for Restaurant Service and CJ Howard won gold for Web Design and Culinary Arts.

"When I won, my face was priceless," said Howard. "For nationals we have to prepare two entrees, two salads and a soup so it's more complex."

Olivia Coward won gold at the state competition and is getting ready for nationals in "Commercial Baking." She will have six hours to make scones, bread, cream puffs, eclairs, a decorated cake, pie, cookies and danish.

"Right now I'm pretty calm but when you get there, the adrenaline goes so fast," said Coward. "I never expected to be where I am now and when I came here I had my doubts but I've gotten the full scholarship to Sullivan University through this competition through JVS."

Star Vaughn is one of the Early Childhood Education students who took top awards.

"We have to compete before three judges and they critique us on our performance, our boards and project in general.," said Vaughn.

Health Sciences students also earned medals from their state events like Forensics students Alyssa Elswick and Joseph Kobiloinsky, who had to first pass a written exam.

"We then go and do a case study where we have to find out manner of death, initial cause of death and time of death and justify our answer," said Elswick. "From there we went to the awards ceremony and we won first in state and now we're going to nationals."

Joe Janke and Destiny Crowley took second place in the First Aid and CPR competition.

"They give us a scenario, we go in, we make sure the scene is safe so we can advance and start the process of CPR and First aid and the judges are scoring us," said Janke.

"For my competition I had to do speaking skills and I had to write a speech on creating my future," said Alyssa Swain.

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