Will Cavs' reign end tonight?

Will Cavs' reign end tonight?
Cavaliers vs Celtics (Source: WOIO)

BOSTON, MA (WOIO) - It's been an incredible four-year ride, and it doesn't have to end tonight, but this is as close as the LeBron-led Cavaliers have come to actually missing out on the NBA Finals.

Another loss, and it'll be the Celtics representing the East.

Tyronn Lue probably hasn't dwelled on that possibility, but...it's real.

"My reaction is win one game", Lue told me just before the team's practice on Sunday.

"That's the only reaction I have. Nobody said it was going to be easy. If it was easy, everybody would be here. Nothing else matters now except tonight. That's all we're focused on."

They'll have to get that win in one of the most hostile environments in sports, where the Celtics haven't lost in this postseason, without their second-best player, Kevin Love.

Jeff Green, a former Celtic, will start in place of Love.

"I expect it to be loud", Green said with a smile on Sunday morning. "I expect the crowd to be really into it. I mean, it's Boston."

The Cavs lose some offense by losing Love, but they gain defensively. We witnessed that in Game 6 around after Love went down. The Cavaliers went on a 15-1 run in the second quarter to seize control.

"I thought the guys came off the bench and gave us a great boost", Lue said. "I thought it started with our defense. I thought getting stops in that second quarter and getting out and running."

"Gotta make shots, gotta make defensive shots", LeBron said. "50-50 balls...grit...first man to the floor...just want it."

As for LeBron's leg injury..."It's been better, but I'll be ready tonight."