Taste Buds: BBQ season, long menus and goodbye to 'The Chew'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's time again for Taste Buds, Cleveland 19 News' brand new video podcast that covers all things food.

Each week, reporter Jen Picciano is joined by her Taste Buds, Chefs Matt Mytro and David Kocab. Mytro is the chef and partner at Flour in Moreland Hills and Kocab is the Chef de Cuisine at The Black Pig in Ohio City.

This week, the Taste Buds will discuss the cancellation of "The Chew," which features Cleveland's own Iron Chef Michael Symon. The show recently made the announcement after seven seasons on ABC.

They will also talk BBQ and cookouts now that the summer grilling and barbecue season is officially kicked off.  Kocab and Mytro are available to help with ideas and advice for grilling, marinades and other tips for the home-griller or home cook.

The trio will also discuss a hot topic among avid foodies and those who dine out frequently: Length of menus. Do you prefer a lengthy menu with lots of options? Or do you like more a limited menu with more specialties and seasonal items?

You can weigh in on the topics, ask questions, comment, suggest future discussions and solicit advice for your own kitchen live during the show on Facebook Live or through the Taste Buds social media channels (@jenpicciano, @dakocab, @chemytro).

Taste Buds airs live every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. You can watch it on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or through the Cleveland 19 News app, website or Facebook page.

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