Elyria students battling record-breaking heat with no A/C, but relief is coming by 2020

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Tera Dean says she's worried about her stepdaughter who attends Franklin Middle School.

"If you leave a child in a car for too long with no air, they can die, so think about them being in school for those long hours without no air," she said.

Temperatures swelled past 90 degrees Tuesday, but Elyria schools were still in session.

School leaders told Cleveland 19 in a statement that most of the buildings do not have air conditioning, so on days like this, they open the windows in the early morning hours and use fans to start cooling the buildings off.

Teachers also encourage water breaks whenever the kids need them.

"When it gets this hot, I usually freeze a water bottle overnight and send it with them in the morning," said Dean.

Over at Oakwood Elementary, several windows were propped open. Ashley Bracht says her 1st grader goes to school here and she prepared her this morning.

"I had her wear shorts today, and I asked her if she wanted her hair up and she's a little weird about her hair up but I made her put it up, because she says there's no air conditioning and they have a fan but she's hot all day," said Bracht.

And her daughter will have to tough it out until June 12 when school closes.

In the meantime, Ashley and some other parents are making good use of the "Splash Pad" near Oakwood Elementary, They say it's a welcome treat after a hot, muggy day.

A spokeswoman for the district says hey are currently building all new preschool to grade 8 schools in Elyria.

The buildings will all be constructed by 2020-2021 and they will have state-of-the-art facilities with air-conditioning.

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