What's with the roll of toilet paper hanging from the ceiling of Cleveland's oldest bar?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Hanging from the ceiling in Cleveland's oldest bar is a lot of memorabilia, but a roll of toilet paper? What's that about? (Watch the video to find out.)

"It probably a conversation piece at least three or four times a week," Ken Kamola of the Harbor Inn said. The Harbor Inn, 1219 Main Ave., Cleveland, is a collection Cleveland memories, lifebuoys from the harbor, office name plates from retirement parties, and the brass bell from the freighter the Zenith City.

Visitors to the bar ask a lot of questions, but the roll hanging from the ceiling seems to spark some interest.

Kamola laughs when he tells the story of a retired lottery ticket roll that became a toilet tissue roll when an employee thought the tube should be re-purposed. So there it is, another Cleveland mystery solved.

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