Cleveland tax dollars mending the city's broken up sidewalks and streets

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You don't have to look very far on a Cleveland street to find the problem of sidewalk blocks broken up by tree roots.

Or, if you're not paying attention, you'll likely trip over the issue.

The solution is simple but expensive: tear out the old blocks of cracked sidewalk and pour in some new concrete to replace it.

That is beginning to happen in Cleveland's Ward 10 on the east side, and will soon expand.

People like Dorothy Lamison like it and had grown tired of what was here before.

"It's a good thing, ground was cracking out over there, tree roots run underneath the sidewalk--all that stuff. Tree roots were a problem," she said.

As we discovered, the work has caused problems, like the inability of some residents to use their driveways and a few other headaches. One of the problems with the program that we've uncovered is the work will only be done on streets where repaving is being done.

So, if you live on a street that is in reasonably good shape, then you're likely out of luck.

Theresa and Dwayne Hunter have lived in Cleveland their whole lives, their sidewalk isn't bad, but the curbs are almost invisible.

Both said in near unison, "We need our curbs done. That's what we need--curbs. We ain't had curbs since we was little."

We checked on the streets where sidewalks are being replaced, the old curbs remain.

Still residents tell us it's hard to complain about a smooth street.

The good news is that a second program is being developed to help folks on all city streets.

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