Community-supported agriculture deepening footprint in Northeast Ohio

LODI, OH (WOIO) - Community-supported agriculture is gaining a foothold in Northeast Ohio.

Supporters of the program believe it's a sustainable way of getting the freshest, most nutritious produce from farm to kitchen table.

The name spells it out: the community (consumers), supporting local agriculture in a relationship they believe provides healthy, delicious, affordable food in a way that supports the environment.

Jimmy Myers, along with his wife, are the owners and operators of Front 9 Farms in Lodi, and every week during the growing season -- about 28 weeks -- he makes the trip to Lakewood where his shareholders -- as he calls them -- pick up a bag of produce.

"We pick everything the day that you get it, so it's the freshest, most nutritious produce you can get," Myers says.

Myers refers to his customers because he says they are doing their part to support local agriculture.

The delivery on the day we meet with him included 10 items, from kale and turnips to summer savory and lettuce.

Front 9 Farms, on their website, posts five recipes that will use up every bit of every item in the bag.

"The best tasting food is the freshest food, so if you're getting stuff the day its harvested it's going to taste delicious," Myers says.

For a variety of reasons, including freshness, convenience and sustainability, Mark Grogan is a shareholder of the program.

"The quality of the produce is so much better than you get at the store and its convenient, I pick it up on my way home from work."

Grogan said he signed up because he liked the principle, but said price was a key consideration.

"You look at what you pay at some of the bigger organic food markets and everything is really comparable," he added.

Myers bases what he does, he says, on taste, environment and health.

He makes deliveries to Lakewood and Medina, and also sets up shop for individual purchases at various farmers markets.

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