Hate not welcome: Councilman says neo-Nazi posters found in Lakewood bus stops

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Lakewood Councilman Tristan Rader says several neo-Nazi posters were illegally posted and found on Memorial Day in bus stops along Clifton Boulevard.

This overtly racist, Nazi propaganda, in my view, is hate speech.  We are a community that welcomes diversity. We are actively seeking to break down barriers that have caused hyper-segregation, lack of opportunity for minorities, disparity and many other serious issues relating to race. These posters are hateful and are promoting the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

The posters promote a group that the Anti-Defamation League says "is a white supremacist group focused on the preservation of 'white American culture' and promoting white European identity."

According to Councilman Rader, RTA did not approve for the signs to be posted in the bus shelters. He also believes that RTA would not approve the posters even if the group submitted a request to hang them.

Rader asks that Lakewood residents remove any additional signs that still may be hanging around in the city. Residents can report a problem or concern online directly to Lakewood city officials.

RTA officials say they have no evidence of the person or persons responsible for neo-Nazi Posters put up on RTA bus stops in Lakewood because they don't have any working surveillance cameras at those locations.

The posters were found only at bus stops along Clifton Boulevard, according to an RTA spokeswoman.

At a glance, the poster may not look like much.

"It doesn't make me think of white power," said Chandler Morrison, a former resident who now lives in Los Angeles.

But the title at the bottom of the poster: Identity Europa, is a neo-Nazi, white supremacist organization.

Lakewood City Councilman, Tristan Rader says the intention of the person who put the posters up was to make a diverse community feel uncomfortable and anyone who is not white, unwelcome.

"It's letting people know that they are not welcome here, and that is the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve in Lakewood," said Rader.

RTA says that they never gave anyone permission to put the posters up.  They have instructed anyone who finds the posters to take them down.

Konstantinos Alfaras is an immigrant who moved to Lakewood four years ago.

"I am from Greece," said Alfaras, "I think that people should have an open mind. Yeah, I don't like seeing that."

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