Avon Lake library breaks up the silence with musical instrument rentals

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - When you walk in the Avon Lake Public Library, the environment is quite different from what you'd typically expect.

Sidney Salee, 19, couldn't wait to get her hands on a ukulele.

Yes, that's right--a ukulele, with no strings attached.

"Learning a musical instrument and learning how to play is something a lot of people want to do," said Shea Alltmont, the library's communications manager.

They have eight guitars, three basses, three electric guitars and six ukuleles

You have to be 18 years old with a photo ID to rent the instruments.

And in some cases you can just play right in the library, like Mike Brown.

"Well, if we start loaning musical instruments we may be able to find the next guitars for the next Rock star," said Alltmont.

Who knows: Sydney may be strumming herself to her next career.

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