Cavaliers NBA Finals watch parties benefit local charities

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local charity is hoping for a big turnout at the Cleveland Cavaliers watch party at The Q tonight.

That is because all the money raised by the $10 admission will go to charity; half of it going to Habitat for Humanity.

At a home Habitat is rehabbing, CEO John Habat told Cleveland 19 that this year's anticipated funding from the watch parties should be around a half million dollars. That money will play a big part in completing a campaign aiming to build 100 homes in Cleveland.

The dollars raised benefit Habitat, but unseen is the fact that there is a multiplier. Habitat's work benefits people, the neighborhood and the larger Cleveland community.

According to Habat, "Putting people to work and we're giving families stability once families no longer have to worry about housing they can start focusing on self-improvement."

Another benefit is that the improvement in homes contributes to overall neighborhood revitalization.

Habat says, "Neighbors love when we take an abandoned house and turn it in to a meaningful member of the community again."

Add a Cavs victory to the equation and everyone wins.

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