NBA Finals fatigue? Cleveland Cavalier tickets prices are dropping

Analyst: Cavs fans experiencing 'Finals fatigue' as ticket prices dip

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - According to the secondary ticket sale website TickPick, there appears to be a NBA Finals fatigue when it comes to what fans are willing to pay to see a Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors re- re- rematch.

Tickets for games in Cleveland and Oakland are not selling for what they use to even a year ago on the no-fee marketplace site.

What the sellers are asking for, and what buyers are willing to pay is dropping at a pretty good rate.

Last year for the first game in Cleveland the average purchase price was $694.71.

This year the average ticket for that same game, Game 3, is currently being purchased at an average of $546.27 which is a drop of 21.37 percent.

Tickets prices are dropping in Oakland as well but the average is higher than Cleveland and they can thank Silicon Valley for that.

Keep in mind the following numbers now focus on asking prices from people selling tickets, and not what they actually sell for.

For Warriors' home tickets the average asking prices is $2,206.

For Cavaliers home games the average asking price is $1,248.

Here's the breakdown, by game, for the average asking price and notice Game 7 has the highest listing price:

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