Cleveland Spray Basins won't open until June 9, despite heat

Memorial Day weekend marked the opening of the Parma Splash Pad, just across the street from what used to be the old Parmatown Mall, on West Ridgewood Drive.

"Quite honestly, we look upon the official part of summer being Memorial Day weekend - that's when we've chosen to officially open the park," said Mickey Vittardi, the Director of Parks and Recreation for the city of Parma. Water here is flowing."

On the same day, it's 88 degrees outside at just before 2 p.m., and a spray basin at Grdina Park in Cleveland is empty. Water trickles slowly through some of the sprinkler's openings. Nearby some teens try to stay cool in the shade.

The spray basins don't open in the City of Cleveland until June 9.

We asked city official why, and they released a statement saying, "The City of Cleveland's spray basins open on the same date as our pools, which has been set for June 9. We will have seasonal staff manning our spray basins who are scheduled to start that day. They are currently undergoing important training."

In the meantime, staying cool can be a struggle.

"We are trying to find some shade, drink cold drinks," said Jaman Rivers, a Cleveland teenager.

For a complete list of spray basins in Cleveland, click here.

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