Father and son morticians turn preserved tattoos into art

SAGAMORE HILLS, OH (WOIO) - Saving mementos after a loved one dies is common for almost everyone, but the thought of saving a tattoo off their body is something, well, new.

It was started by Mike and Kyle Sherwood, and it's called Save My Ink Forever.

The father and son preserve people's tattoos after they pass, and turn them into pieces of art family and friends can keep forever as a memory. They claim to be the only ones in the world with the proper preservation process.

"We are trying to do this in the most dignified manner possible. To people, some of these things really are pieces of art," said Kyle.

Mike and Kyle are second- and third-generation morticians who spent years developing a special process that preserves people's tattoos after they pass.

"It gives that family another option and instead of having just the remains or the burial, we can still do that, they have actually a piece of their loved one," said Mike. "They are pieces of art, and it is just amazing the tattoos we get."

The Sherwoods send kits to funeral homes across the country. Inside the kit is equipment and a video that shows embalmers how to properly remove tattoos. Once they're removed, the tattoos are shipped to Ohio and put through a top-secret preservation process that takes about two months.

"We're like McDonald's Big Mac sauce, we don't tell anybody," said Kyle.

Kyle admits the reactions on social media are mixed, but he says customers couldn't be happier.

"You know what, that meant something to someone and who am I to say that doesn't mean anything to you, you don't have the right to hold on to that, to keep that, to remember that. I don't, so that's why we offer this to people," he said.

Save My Ink Forever can preserve tattoos in all shapes and sizes.

The largest tattoo they've preserved covered someone's entire back and cost about $5,000 dollars.

The company preserves about about 100 tattoos a year, but now that they're getting national attention, the business is starting to get even busier.

The Sherwoods just wrapped up filming a show with Scout Productions that will soon get pitched to networks.

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