Lakewood Cleveland Clinic state-of-the-art health center ready to save lives in July

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Some Lakewood residents were not happy that the Cleveland Clinic closed Lakewood Hospital.

But with the Clinic's Lakewood Family Health Center opening in July, Clinic officials are looking to soothe over some hard feelings.

One critical issue for Lakewood residents was making sure the health center would provide a state-of-the-art emergency department.

"I understand their concern, we certainly have a top-notch emergency department and a top-notch staff," Dr. James Heckman, the medical director of the Lakewood facility said.

The emergency department contains 20 treatment rooms, a resuscitation room and a cutting edge C.T. machine.

"All of the treatment rooms are set up to handle and stabilize the most critically-ill patients that come to see us," Dr. Heckman said.

Patients with appointments will be seen in exam rooms that were conceived for ease and comfort of the patient, according to Dr. Heckman.

"It is the result of the input of several hundred individuals who came through and assessed the best set up for an exam room," he said.

Patients will certainly notice the changing look of the nurse's stations.

They are no longer even called nurse's stations; the Clinic considers them team stations where doctors and nurses have better access to each other.

"This allows for greater communication, the team can discuss the patient after they've been seen, it's efficient and allows for greater co-ordination," Dr. Heckman said.

The Lakewood Family Health Center is scheduled to open in three shifts starting on July 11, and is set to be fully operational by July 25.

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