Breaking down the overturned blocking foul call on LeBron James

Breaking down the overturned blocking foul call on LeBron James

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Was it a block or a charge?

The NBA Finals play in question with about 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter was initially called a charging foul on Kevin Durant, but the Game 1 referees overturned the call and charged LeBron James with blocking.

The reversal helped swing the game in Golden State's favor. The Warriors eventually went on to beat the Cavaliers in overtime.

The officials went to replay the foul call because they could not agree on whether James' feet were outside of the restricted area when Durant slammed into him.

The crew communicated with Replay Center official Mike Callahan to determine whether or not the Cavaliers LeBron James was in the restricted area as well as in legal guarding position after he drew an offensive foul against the Warriors Kevin Durant. After review the initial call on the floor was overturned to a blocking foul as James was determined to be in illegal guarding position.

According to the NBA's review protocol, "Referees may review block/charge calls when they are not reasonably certain as to whether the defender was inside or outside of the restricted area during the last two minutes of the fourth period and overtime."

The refs can also determine if the defender, LeBron James in this situation, was in a legal guarding position.

After reviewing, the referees changed the ruling and called a foul on James. They determined that James was not planted in a legal defending position. Durant went on to make two free throws to tie the game.

Past and present NBA players took to social media to dispute the call.

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