City sidewalk replacement program not currently available to all residents

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The City of Cleveland's sidewalk repair program was announced with much fanfare, but we've discovered that not all streets are covered.

The city had a concrete pour earlier in the week, at East 145th Street.

Locals rejoiced as the cracked, heaved and eroded sidewalk blocks finally vanished.

But will you see this coming to your street?

Not necessarily

Cleveland 19 has discovered only asphalt streets are being repaved.

Earlier this week, the Mayor's office countered criticism that it was only replacing sidewalks on streets they were repaving by saying a second program was on the drawing board.

Cleveland Councilman Michael Polensek was livid about the whole ordeal.

The lack of a phase two came up at a committee meeting at city hall.

Director Darnell Brown broke the bad news to him at a committee meeting, "He indicated that it was only gonna be on only on streets that there was resurfacing that the sidewalks would be addressed," said Brown.

So exactly what Cleveland 19 said is true.  If you live on a concrete street, or a brick street you're out of luck.  There is no program to help you.

Polensek summed it up this way "It's 2018.  I mean come on, things should be getting easier should be simpler and it's more complicated than ever before."

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