Road collapses in Akron, city promises the pavement will be restored in a week

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A water main mess in Akron has lead to a dangerous road collapse. Residents on the street first alerted us to the problem.

When Cleveland 19 News arrived on the 500 block of Bina Avenue, the street was unsafe to walk on.

A homeowner's persistence paid off.

"Water was shooting up out of the street there. My daughter at that time called the city of Akron and they said they would get around to it when they got a chance."

That was around 3 p.m. Friday, a week ago. They came out the next day, fixed the 110-year-old pipe and put down some asphalt patch.

Now, it has caved in and so has much of the street in front of the house where Rodney Evans lives.

"Sunday morning we came out and we had noticed the street was starting to cave. At that time we called the city again. They came out put the barricades up," Evans said.

The Deputy Director of Public Service talked to Cleveland 19 about the road.

"We are bringing another crew out to do another temporary patch so these people can access their driveways and then next week we will come in and do a full restoration of the pavement."

Evans said he will call Cleveland 19 news if they don't return to fix the street next week as promised.

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