Cleveland kids are staying active with summer fit camps

Cleveland kids are staying active with summer fit camps
A number of students will be keeping active by attending fit camps in the summer. (Source: WOIO)

School is coming to a close and many parents are wondering what to do with their kids?

Coach Charlotte Thomas runs a "Fitness & Sports Program" for students. She says one of the most popular locations is at the Rocky River Nature Center because the kids can be outside.

"We concentrate on getting their bodies healthy, working their muscles, things like that," said Thomas.

Ages 5-12 are welcome and the camp runs from about 9 a.m. - noon, 3 days a week.

She says the focus is on fitness, but the beauty of the Rocky River is an added bonus.

Many agree.

"You need to try to appeal to what they like to do so we were looking at birds and we saw a fat squirrel and now we're gonna take a little bit of a hike," said Rachel who was visiting with her little one.

"Anything to get out in nature. I'm a doctor of physical therapy and the research shows you need to get out in green space so even though they're out running around in the neighborhood it's good to get them in green space so using our parks for that is beneficial," said Dr. Tonya Yanok.

Coach Charlotte's camp is a non-competitive play environment so all are welcome. The goal is to have the kids get stronger each day.

"You whole body fitness, mentally, emotionally, physically and tying it all together so that you recognize that it's fun and you don't realize you're doing exercise while you're at camp," said Thomas.

You can still register for Coach Charlottte's camp here or send an email to

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