Cleveland reacts to LeBron's new 'Short Suit'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you caught last night's game, You may have seen LeBron's newest suit that has people around the world talking.

"He's changing it up, you know trying to mix it up. Can't be like everyone else and he's a trend setter," said one Cavs fan.

It seems like everyone has something to say about James' newest fashion statement.

"Ummm, I didn't really like it I guess," said another Cavs fan who wasn't too amused.

"I love the way that suit looks on LeBron," said one of LeBron's biggest fans.

Love it or hate it,  It's got the world talking. But just where can you find the suit here in Believeland?

We spent hours making calls trying to find the suit here in the city with no luck at all.

However we found a place on Superior Avenue called BALANI Custom Clothiers that will make the suit from scratch.

"It's something new that's coming in. It's from Thom Browne and he is actually someone that will push fashion a little bit to the extreme," said personal stylist, Alicia Stocks.

Which explains why the greatest player in the world would be seen in such a suit that some would call out of the ordinary. Turns out you can only buy the full suit from New York, but Stock and other Custom Clothiers at the store can make the perfect suit with you in mind.

"We are true Customs. We're gonna take your measurements, your pictures, and we're gonna cut a pattern specifically for your body shape and then pick that fabric and then cut the fabric to that pattern," said Stock.

Some would say it gives everyone the chance to be unique.

"Everybody's got a chance to jump out here and try something,"

If you're seriously thinking about picking up one of the "Short Suits" It's gonna cost you on average between 25 and 34 hundred dollars.

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