Frustration at Cavs loss focused on JR Smith

Frustration at Cavs loss focused on JR Smith
JR Smith received a lot of criticism following his poor decision-making in (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There was a lot of blame to go around in the Cleveland Cavaliers' overtime loss, but J.R. Smith seems to be taking the blunt of the criticism.

Cleveland youth chimed in on last nights' efforts while playing a pick-up basketball game at Euclid Memorial Park.

Jalen, James and Demarco were sharpening their skillls for the upcoming school year while commenting on the game.

"Slow, slow and unprepared," said James, who wasn't impressed by the shooting guards decision-making.

He isn't the only one that feel that way as social media ripped into Smith with memes online.

The memories of the game are still fresh and the boys had since of humor about it during the game.

When one of the boys missed a free throw the others joked by calling him George Hill.

Across the way at the Community Garden, Ayonna, Susan, and Mark were tending their gardens.

Last night's disappointment was still lingering in their heads.

"I was disappointed when he got that dog-gone rebound and didn't call time out," said Susan, "Why was he bouncing that ball around?"

That is the question Cleveland fans are urging to get an answer for. But the Cleveland Cavaliers can no longer as questions, they simply have to respond.

The Cleveland Cavaliers can do just that by tying the series in Game 2, Sunday, June 3, at 9 p.m.

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