Thousands march in Pride in the CLE Parade

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Thousands were seen marching throughout Cleveland on Saturday in hopes of unity and equality.

It was all apart of the annual Pride in the CLE parade .

"Pride to me is not caring what other people think and being able to be yourself and meet other people like you," said Alex Lopresto.

Which is why Alex is out at Public Square with a sea of people who just want to be seen as equal in the public's eye. The teen came out about a year ago, something that he said was the absolute hardest thing that he's had to do.

"It was so hard to bottle that up so now that I'm out, I'm free," said Alex.

But Alex isn't alone. Both of his parents were standing here in not only full support of their son but thousands of others in the LGBT community.

"It's important to me that my kids are good upstanding citizens, that's all I want. I want to be a good father to my kids and I'm gonna support them no matter what they do," said Alex's father, Ron Lopresto.

Speaking of Good Upstanding Citizens, Minister Pamela Brown of Lets Pray Ministies was also there marching in the masses.

"I am gay myself," said Minister Brown when asked of she identified as LGBT

She says the message she's trying to get over to everyone is that even though she may be a member of the LGBT community, she's a Christian before anything else.

"Most important is to show we have God in us too, people tend to forget that. We love God and God loves us unconditionally," said Minister Brown.

She's not the only one who shares that same belief, several other churches made their presence known as well.

"It makes me feel awesome. It feels like my family. We're brothers and sisters all born together. Christ wanted us to bond together," said Minister Brown.

Organizers and participants are both looking forward to the next Pride in the CLE

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