Cleveland boxer inducted into Hall of Fame

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's safe to say that former Professional Boxer, Henry "Special K" Hughes has had a pretty decorated career.

"Just to be able to go box in 19 different countries and fight all over America was a wonder for me," said Hughes.

But now it's time for what some may call his best moment yet, his introduction into the Ohio State Former Boxers Association hall of fame.

"This is a wonderful feeling along with the other accomplishments that I had. This one is up there with those," said Hughes.

The Cleveland native first stepped into the ring as an amateur boxer in 1979, later making his professional debut in 1985.

"When I won the national golden gloves tournament for the third year, that was awesome to me. It was hard enough to win one. But to come back and win two and then to come back in 83' to win three, that was awesome as an amateur," recalls Hughes.

He says all those years ago when he first laced up his boxing gloves, he had no idea his career would manifest into something so special. Regardless, he says he's thankful for all the support.

"It's a wonderful feeling. I appreciate everyone who has come in here and I appreciate the ones who couldn't make it. It's just a wonderful feeling, the whole thing. Throughout my whole career, I had people who supported me," said Hughes.

Not just people not just from Cleveland, but from all over the buckeye state.

"I had some good friends from Cleveland, that's why the mayor is coming out. I had some good friends from Garland Heights, their mayor is coming out, and Bedford Heights, it's the same thing," said Hughes.

Even though his career may be over for now, he says he wouldn't go back and change a single thing.

"I want everyone to know that as far as my boxing career goes, I had a wonderful time. It was something that I can't believe when I think about it," said Hughes.

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