Doctor gives J.R. advice to overcome NBA Finals blunder

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's 4.7-seconds of sports J.R. Smith would love to take back, but Cavs fans may never forget his NBA Finals blunder.

"I think J.R. is having a tough time taking it all in, and that is understandable. He realizes that opportunity was lost and he also realizes they may not get that kind of opportunity again," said Dr. Roy Buchinsky, University Hospitals Director of Wellness.

He said he feels bad for J.R.

"We don't know what would've happened if J.R. either passed the ball, shot the ball, or done something else other than what we did. I don't believe this one moment defined the whole game," said Buchinsky.

Clearly many people were upset, including J.R.'s teammates. New video released Monday shows the bench moments after the play and LeBron James didn't hold back his frustration.

Buchinsky said J.R. needs to accept what happened and own it.

"If we look at it and say, yep, that was something that was pretty funny, I own it, I accept it, maybe laugh at yourself a little bit and say, hey, I'm going to take my work seriously, but I'm not going to take myself too seriously," he said.

Buchinsky believes J.R.'s faux pas is just another Cleveland play that will get added to the list, like the drive, the shot and the fumble.

"There's always those sort of one moments that people use as a moment of definition and they overlook all the good that that person has done," he said. "My advice to J.R. is, and J.R., if you're listening, it happened, forget about it, put it behind you, move on and let's win the series in six games."

The Cavs host the Warriors at home on Wednesday, June 6.

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