Businesses plan to recycle 100 percent of Rubber Bowl after demolition

Businesses plan to recycle 100 percent of Rubber Bowl after demolition

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Akron will begin the emergency demolition of the historic Rubber Bowl.

The stadium has fallen apart in recent years and has become a safety risk in the area for several properties.

The Rubber Bowl built in 1940, served as the home turf for the Akron Zips football team up until 2008.

Team 1 bought the stadium from the University of Akron in 2013 for 38,000.

Originally, the company had plans to turn the facility into a site for a new professional football league and then later an entertainment venue.

Unfortunately, those plans didn't quite pan out.

Now the goal is to bring the venue back to life, in a new way.

The Eslich Wrecking Company in charge of the demolition says it has partnered up with local businesses to recycle almost 100 percent of the project.

Initially, the plan is to demolish the scoreboard and Derby Downs, deemed the most dangerous structures within the stadium.

"The demolition of the Rubber Bowl represents the end of an era," Mayor Daniel Horrigan said. "Like many Akron residents, I have fond memories of attending football games and other events there throughout my life. However, the structure is well beyond repair and now poses a danger to the public. It's time for us to honor the rich history of the Rubber Bowl while making way for a safer and improved use for the site. We thank our state delegation and partners at the County for their partnership to support this necessary project."

The partial demolition will cost an estimated $200,000 and is expected to be completed by the end of October.

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