Lorain Police officers struggle to dodge bird droppings on the job and during interview; file grievance

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - Lorain police officers tried their best to dodge bird droppings throughout the afternoon but finally filed a grievance against a nesting cliff of swallows just outside the police station at 100 West Erie Ave.

"I've been lucky so far. There are rain drops coming down, well I hope they are rain drops. I don't want to look," said Lorain Police Lt. Michael Failing.

The Fraternal Order of Police Lorain Lodge No. 3 said the situation is creating "an unsanitary environment."

You can read the entire grievance below.

"I can see them out of my periphery vision," said Patty D'Orazio who has worked in the city building for 15 years. "No, I have not. believe it or not, I have not had any droppings, nothing like that. I'm usually on a mission."

All the parking spaces next to the front door are empty and for good reason.

"We've had to move all of our parking down the road a little bit because they are wreaking havoc on anyone's car," Failing said.

We asked police officers how bad the situation is and while we were talking to one officer, he became the latest victim.

The union argues the birds have become a health and safety issue, and are asking the city to come up with a solution. The problem is the birds are protected.

"They are nesting, having their young. There's really nothing we can do because they are federally protected bird. They are up there until they migrate," Failing said.

They are looking into all options like netting and bringing in owls in the fall.

For now, officers are just on the look-out.

A city official sent a statement:

"City hall is on the shores of the Black river and Lake Erie.  It was built in the 70's and the habitat has not changed.  That being said, our employees health is important and our Public Property Dept regularly cleans and maintain our property. They will continue to do so.  They are also aware of the Migratory Bird Act and always follow the rules to insure compliance.  Lake Erie and its habitat are important to our citizens.  We will continue to monitor and work with all parties involved to see if we all can coexist in Lorain on the shores of Lake Erie."

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