Man killed at bar owned by Cleveland Police officer

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A man was shot and killed Tuesday night at a Cleveland bar.

We're asking questions about who owns the place, a former cop and his officer wife.

"I pulled up exactly when it was happening. I was sitting on that side of the street," said Mark Cunningham.

Cunningham works at Lucky Lady bar where police say two young men walked up to 37-year-old Isaac Carson Junior, and shot and killed him.

Witnesses said it looked like the men all knew each other.

"When I pulled up police were coming in and there was a guy laying on the curb right here. They put him on a stretcher.   saw the whole thing. It was kind of scary," Cunningham said.

Cunningham explains new owners recently took over the bar and have made improvements.  Cleveland 19 tried to talk to the owners.

"I would probably call Terri's work at the Cleveland Police Department," a bartender said.

We called the department and left a message, we went to the address listed for business registration, and no one would answer our questions.

Morris Sanders retired from Cleveland Police Department in January 2017.  Property records show his wife, Terri Sanders, a current Cleveland Police officer, bought the building in April of this year.

"It's new owners, it's new vibe.  We don't have that kind of crowd here for it to happen in the parking lot, it's kind of surprising," Cunningham explained.

We reached out to Cleveland police, and asked if officers are allowed to own bars.  The public information officer is checking into it, and said she would get back to us.

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