Keeping your dog safe and healthy when boarding them

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - With the dog days of summer approaching, many people are planning vacations, but sometimes not everyone in the family can tag along.

Often times, pups end up at a boarding facility, like Bartels and Busack Pet Hospital Resort and Spa in Parma.

Practice Manager Matthew Busack knows the experience can be tough for some pets. That's why it's important owners check out a facility first.

"You want to be able to walk in back, see where your pet is going to stay, make sure that it looks clean, it's odor free," he said.

If you've never boarded your dog before, or if it's been a long time, the best advice is to take your dog for a trial run to the place you plan to board them when you go on vacation. Have your pet visit the facility and even stay the night.

It gives your dog a chance to get to know the workers and the workers a chance to get to know your dog.

"A really big issue in boarding facilities is anxiety. You get a lot of dogs that come in, they're away from home, away from mom and dad, sometimes it's their first time being here and they get really stressed out," said Busack.

He said talking to a vet is vital. Pet owners can get natural supplements and medications to help their dog cope.

With influenza and other respiratory illnesses on the rise, owners also have to make sure their dogs have all their shots.

"Any time you have a large number of dogs gathering in one area, it's a risk, which is why we vaccinate with bordetella, influenza and distemper, all those are upper respiratory viruses," said Busack.

To help dogs cope with anxiety, owners should bring stuff from home, like blankets, toys and shirts. The scents from home help dogs feel more relaxed.

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