NBA Finals Game 4 ticket prices fluctuating: Sweep? LeBron James's last game in Cleveland?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - After the Cavaliers loss Wednesday night, and now in an 0-3 hole, there seems to be an interesting game being played before Game 4 of the NBA Finals, not on the court but in the seats.

Ticket prices are going up, and down for the fourth game in the series and there might be a couple of reasons.

According to Vivid Seats before Game 3, the cheapest ticket for Game 4 was $330.

Now, on Thursday morning, the cheapest ticket to get in is $289.

The most likely reason is some Cleveland fans may be trying to sell off their tickets not wanting witness a sweep by the Golden State Warriors.

But here's the strange thing, the average cost of all the tickets listed with Vivid Seats has now gone up for Game 4.

Meaning some people are now asking even more for the seat.

On Wednesday the average cost of a Game 4 ticket was $670.

As of Thursday morning the average cost has gone up to $740.

There are two possible reasons for this, one being people who want to see what could be LeBron James's last game as a Cavalier are driving up the price.

The other reason could be an influx of Warriors fans trying to get in to see a possible sweep to win the Championship in Cleveland.

The secondary no-fee marketplace TickPick is reporting the same thing Thursday morning.

The average listing price now is $1,188.20 and the average listing price before the loss in Game 3 was $960.67.

"We are seeing the get-in price for the cheaper seats drop; however, the prices for the more premium listings have increased, ultimately driving up the average listing price, with the potential that this is LeBron's last game in Cleveland and the opportunity to see Golden State close out the series," according to Kyle Zorn with TickPick.

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