Stipe Miocic preparing for fight against Daniel Cormier

VALLEY VIEW, OH (WOIO) - Stipe Miocic wil go down as one of the best UFC fighters of all time.

"When I walked in I'm like I'm going be the heavyweight champion of the world, and here we are," said Miocic.

Next month, Miocic is giving Clevelanders another shot at bringing home a championship.

He'll be back in the octagon against Daniel Cormier on July 7 in Las Vegas. 

"Cleveland has the same mentality, the fighting spirit," Miocic explained.

Along with training for his upcoming fight, Miocic continues to be dedicated to being a firefighter. In fact, he just finished working an overnight shift.

"I work so hard to get it, you know, I don't want to give it up and plus it makes my mom proud," he said.

He's a world champion, three times over.

He holds a record for most consecutive title defenses in the history of the heavyweight division, but Miocic isn't quitting his day job.

Cleveland 19 spoke with him at the fire department he's stationed out of, as he showed off some of the moves he uses during his down time on the job. He explained why he continues working.

"I think just the whole, helping people in the time of need. Because my whole life I've been helped and it's my way to give back. I love being there for someone especially someone who just needs comforted," he explained.

He works about 20 hours a week at the fire department, trains, and is now working as a spokesperson for Modelo beer.  He's also preparing for a new role.

"I am going to be a father. I'm, super excited. It’s right after the fight. So, it should be an interesting time,” Miocic said with a smile.

He says he doesn't know how much longer he'll keep fighting, but jokes he'll continue to work out.

"I need that fighting spirit for all the boys who are going to be coming over to my house trying to date my daughter," he said.

Miocic also says he may try to bring a fight back here to Cleveland.

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