Strongsville woman evicted after flood and hospital stay, can we get her help?

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Lori Madsen's yard in Strongsville is filled with clothing that is drying out, soaked drapes, muddy memento's and a lot more.

All of it damaged in a basement flood caused by a broken water main.  It is a collection of memories from her life with her son and late husband.

The garage is full of stuff from the basement, which flooded almost to the first floor.

Her perspective is heartbreaking.

"I lost everything. Everything that was due to be shipped to my son in the military. All of his heirlooms from his father who passed away," Madsen said.

There is still a lot of mud to be cleaned up in the basement, material to be dried out and sorted out and no one to help.

Her insurance company denied her claim.  It is a huge job for a woman alone.

She was just back from her son's Air Force graduation and after five day stay in the hospital she was greeted by an eviction notice.

Relations between her and her landlord escalated in the days after the flood.

"I have no hot water. I have no heat or air conditioning, nothing at all and she refuses to fix it for one reason or another," Madsen said.

We visited the landlord to ask get an answer to the question why.

"She's making her situation worse," the landlord said.

"How's that."

"Um, she's refusing to move the contents of the basement so I can get it cleaned," The landlord said.

Every story has two sides.

Adams says with the contents in the basement a furnace company won't do repairs and a clean up company certainly can't do anything.

In this case the answer for Lori seems to be getting her some help with the clean up.

We asked Adams if that would be enough to ease her hard line stand.

"There's always leeway um.  I'm not an evil person but she's creating a very bad situation," she said.

So in the end Lori Madsen waits and wonders, hoping for help with her home.

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