Meet the man behind the funniest NBA Finals tweets coming from Cleveland's sewers

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's not where you would expect funny tweets to be coming from.

In fact, it's really where bad tweets should be put.

Down the drain.

But not here in Cleveland.

Many have taken notice of the hilarious tweets put out by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD), which is in charge of is wastewater treatment and regional stormwater management for Cleveland and 61 suburbs.

Someone there has a sense of humor.

That someone is John C. Gonzalez, the flushing-ly good humored manager of communications for NEORSD.

"Our work is relevant to the entire region but it's not something people often think or talk about," Gonzalez said about the tweets. "By linking our work to trending topics like Cleveland sports, media, Hollywood ... whatever, it's a way to be a part of a larger (and often a lot more entertaining) conversation."

The fluidity and frequency of the tweets has even caught the attention of the NEORSD counter part, San Francisco Water Power Sewer.

Let the sewer trash talk begin.

"Ever since the first Cleveland Golden State Finals a few years ago, we at @neorsd and San Francisco Water, Power & Sewer @SFwater have had some twitter battles, all in good fun, each season," Gonzalez said.

The battle and the tweets have gotten waves of positive responses by NEORSD followers.

"What people appreciate is our responsiveness overall. Humor is just another way to show that we're a real voice, willing to engage if it helps people realize how our work really relates to their daily lives," Gonzalez said.

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