LeBron James's decision: The impact a kid from Akron has made will last forever

LeBron James's decision: The impact a kid from Akron has made will last forever
Will LeBron James stay in Cleveland? (Source: AP Images)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It was announced in an essay. A far simpler, and better, way to announce this type of seismic shift than his previous one four years earlier, and obviously much more positive for Northeast Ohio.

But while the Cavaliers once again had big plans, and the fans big dreams, who could really have imagined the wonderful and wild four-year ride that LeBron would take us on?

It was as though coming home had re-energized him as much as the franchise and fan base. For all of his success in South Florida, there was unfinished business at home. Even his former boss, Pat Riley, who had courted him to Miami, told him to "make it right."

LeBron would.

It took two years, a change in coaches and a couple of key sidekicks, but the King delivered the NBA crown.

It seemed fitting that it came in historic fashion. "The Comeback." But LeBron also delivered so much more along the way.

For local businesses -- tens of millions of dollars.

For the city itself, international relevance.

For the fans, nightly glimpses into greatness.

LeBron's commitment to his craft, to his body -- unparalleled. The ongoing evolution of his game -- incredible.

NBA records, falling as fast as conference opponents.

And it all started with "The Homecoming."

The misery montage, which we know all too well, finally updated.

Now we had "The Block." Followed by Kyrie's "The Shot." And after 52 years, "The Parade."

Two more trips to the NBA Finals would follow, making it four in four years, and making it impossible for anyone who lived through the decades of sports heartache to take any of this for granted.

It won't last forever. It may not even last the summer. But the impact that a kid from Akron has made … on and off the court … and the memories that he created … will.

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