International news stations cover Game 4 of NBA Finals

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - People are coming from all over the world not only to watch Game 4 of the NBA finals, they're also coming from all over the world to cover the game.

"Covering the finals is such an awesome experience and it's always a privilege," said Canadian Reporter Jermain Franklin.

It's an experience that's been felt many times by The Sports Network reporter, Jermain Franklin.

"I've covered LeBron James for his full eight NBA finals in a row, so it's been pretty awesome," said Franklin.

For nearly a decade the Toronto native has witnessed two teams giving their all to be crowned NBA Champions.

"It's always a treat to be able to come and cover basketball. It's been my beat I guess for the last eight or nine years," recalls Franklin.

Since the Cavs and Golden State have been the main two teams battling for the title, It's safe to say Franklin's gotten pretty used to Believeland.

"The Q is probably my favorite because the atmosphere in here especially at the beginning of the game is unbelievable," added Franklin.

But just because the Q is his favorite, that doesn't mean that's the only you'll see him while he's in town.

"The facts that you guys have all your stadiums within walking distance of each other - the fact that everything is right here, right downtown. You can't beat it," said Franklin.

Hopefully this isn't the last time he's in town.

"I love coming back to Cleveland. If LeBron comes back, I'll be back in Cleveland next year. So hopefully he comes back for Cleveland's sake," Concluded Franklin.

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