Akron getting new fire station to keep city stronger and safer

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - It's pretty safe to say that Akron's fire station two has seen some better days.

"This station was built in the early 1900s. Not quite 100 years, but it's got some age on it," said Lt. Sergie Lash with Akron Fire Department.

Thankfully change is on the way.

"These are the last couple of days that we'll be here at the fire station. We hope to be moving out soon," said Lt. Lash.

Thanks to the community, firefighters will now be heading to a facility that's bigger and better.

"It was one of our biggest features with issue four that we campaigned for last year. We hope to be moving out soon," said Lt. Lash.

The new station is just the tip of the iceberg. More equipment is being brought in with one thing in mind.

"Keeping Akron Safe and Strong. Along with that, building new fire stations. We also looked into getting new equipment for the fire fighters, getting it up to date. Working equipment not that just boosts our moral, so it helps to increase our safety," added Lt. Lash.

Lt. Lash says she just wants the community to know that the move wont be changing a thing.

"We're not going away. We're just rebuilding, thanks to you, thanks to the community. Hopefully we'll have our fire station two up and running in the next few months. Our crews will still be in the area. They're still be responding to your calls," concluded Lash.

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