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TMZ Report: Man files lawsuit against Justin Bieber after fight from 2016 in Cleveland

Justin Bieber (Source: AP Images) Justin Bieber (Source: AP Images)

A TMZ report shows a Las Vegas man filed a lawsuit against Justin Bieber after a fight from 2016 in Cleveland. 

Back in February of 2017 we reported a police report was filled Feb. 14 with the Cleveland Police Department by Rodney Cannon who said he was in a physical altercation with Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber at The Westin Hotel in downtown Cleveland during the 2016 NBA Finals, according to police.

In the report, police said 34-year-old Rodney Cannon of Las Vegas said after having multiple drinks in the hotel, Bieber took his Versace glasses valued at $500 and Cannon took a picture of him with his glasses. Cannon told police that Bieber then got angry about the situation and Bieber said he told him he would delete the picture if he gave him the glasses back, according to the report. 

Cannon told police that Bieber deleted pictures out of his phone and when he took his phone and glasses back, Bieber pushed him and and hit him in the face with a closed fist three times, according to the report. 

Cannon told police he believes he was punched by Bieber's body guards as well while restraining Bieber on the ground, according to the police report. 

Cannon was treated at a Nevada hospital for an acute head injury and a possible concussion, the police report states. Cannon also said his iPhone 6s plus valued at $1,000 was damaged during the altercation, according to the report. 

Bieber was seen at Quicken Loans Arena earlier that evening, where the Cavaliers blew out the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the Finals. He was booed by the crowd when shown on the jumbotron.

TMZ claimed to have obtained video of the fight. If you can't see the video below, click here.

Bieber was named in a police report regarding the altercation this week. In it, the victim claims Bieber took his glasses.

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