7-year-old girl has meeting with mayor over playground

STOW, OH (WOIO) - We first told you about this 7-year-old's heartbreak after her favorite park was torn down.

She sent a hand written letter to the mayor, demanding answers.

This morning Stow Mayor, James Costello sat down with the little girl to discuss future plans.

"Dear city of Stow, You should make the wood park again and you should make it the exact same way it was before."

That's just part of the letter 7-year-old Emma Kovach and her father sent to mayor of Stow after her favorite playground was taken away.

"Originally I mailed it just figuring they'd get a good laugh out of it and that would be the end of it. I didn't expect all of this attention by any means," said Emma's father, Chris Furry.

The letter quickly found it's way into the hands of Stow Mayor James Costello, who decided to set up a meeting with the brave little girl.

"She came in here, we sat down and we talked to her and explained why skip was torn down and what our plans are for the future," said Mayor Costello.

Emma says she was downright devastated when her favorite playground was torn down seeming out of nowhere. However Mayor Costello of Stow says there's a silver lining for the 7-year-old, A new playground might soon be in the works.

"Well they're gonna put in shopping areas and things like that. There is a possibility of a playground in the works," said Furry.

"The plans right now are up in the air. We've gone out for a survey with residents who've come back with what they would like to see. We are looking at going out to request developers to tell us what they think can go into the area that we're looking at," said Mayor Costello.

"That'll be a good step at healing I guess," said Furry.

As of right now, it's unclear as to when the new park will be up and ready. The project is still in the early stages of development.

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