Investigation shows woman's love of animals contributed to her death in flash flood

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The storm hit quickly and intensely, in a small area in Tuscarawas County.

Sadly, that area housed the home of Doris Jenkins who appears to have gone out into flash flood waters to check on her goat in the yard.

Video taken by neighbors nearby show the power of nature.  Amazing power.

Dog Warden Terry Warner had known her for years and described her love of animals. She would feed an animal before she fed herself.

Tuscarawas County Emergency Management Director Alex McCarthy is also a meteorologist, he says there is no way the ground could handle 5 inches or more of water in an hour or so.

He was asked "Was there adequate warning?"

"The National Weather Service was pretty forthcoming with flash flood warnings early on when they saw how much water we were receiving."

The warning prompted Sheriff Orvis Campbell to have a reverse 911 call sent out.

The storm was both intense and highly localized in a small area.  It took out a road berm near Doris' home, making the road unsafe to travel.

Doris' home is hidden back off the road through thick brush nearly impossible to see.

A neighbor called 911 on Saturday morning after she noticed a back building had washed away.  It housed Doris' goat.

The investigation found Doris had gone out to check on her goat.

Her dogs survived and are now being cared for by Warner at the kennel.

He became emotional when we noted that it was very clear that she had touched him.

He said "Greatly" through a sniff.

Sadly the facts underscore the need to heed warnings not to leave your home during flooding situations according to Sheriff Campbell "Unfortunately had she stayed in her home she would have been safe but her love for her animals became her priority that night."

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