#BroadcastGood: Medina County woman blogs to fight cancer; races for the cure

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 is a sponsor of the Komen Race for the Cure, and with the race only two months away, we want to start highlighting women who are using their illness to make a difference.

Fourteen months ago Laura Allio started blogging about her cancer.

"This will put my reconstruction not on July 18, as I originally told everyone, but actually in August," she said.

For Laura, social media has been her emotional therapy in her journey with breast cancer.

"People really appreciated us being open about it," she said.

Open in so many ways, open about a supportive husband Mike, open about her now 20-month-old son James, and open about the possibility she would not be here for his first birthday.

"I didn't mind being bald either, I thought I was going to be affected but he made me feel good throughout and even did this," she said.

She even came up with this idea: Laura's must-have mastectomy bags.

With the help of volunteers and a local company they give women the supplies they need to heal from a mastectomy.

"We make homemade pillows, we have pajamas, leggings, slippers waste bands to carry thing and so much more," she said.  "From the first time I was diagnosed, there has to be a purpose behind this diagnoses."

There is purpose, a journey that we are all taking with her, knowing at the end of it, Laura will say it was just a crazy ride and her blogs on social media lead the way.

Laura says she plans on running her first Komen Race for the Cure this August.

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