East Cleveland family believes busted street light is a security concern

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It is not simply the inconvenience of a street light out, at least according to some of the people who live on Delmont Avenue in East Cleveland, they see it as a security issue.

A 90-year-old woman said she refuses to be scared, but said she would feel a lot safer if the street light, just down from her home, was working.

"I would feel more than safer because I can see what's going on because I am peeping out all the windows but I can't see up there, I can't see nothing," Fannie B. Hall said.

We were told the pole was hit by a car, months ago, and the wiring to the pole snapped.

Those wires were wrapped up and are now tied up at the top of the nearest working street light.

Carmilla Fussell's grandmother lives on the street, right across from the street light.  Fussell and her sister and their mother come over daily to check on her and say the street light provided a sense of security for all of them, and that has been taken away.

"From her house to the stop sign down the street it's pitch black, you can't see anything," she said.

Fussell has called East Cleveland City Hall on multiple occasions and was told fixing the street light was a priority but were never told when the work would be done.

She says city officials never referred her to First Energy and since Cleveland 19 News was unsuccessful reaching anyone at the East Cleveland city hall, we are unsure if the city officials contacted First Energy on her behalf.

We contacted First Energy and were promised that they would check into the situation.

East Cleveland is dealing with massive financial issues, but Fussell doesn't understand why they promised the work would be done and wasn't or why she wasn't referred to First Energy.

"We know East Cleveland is struggling however this is a huge safety concern for not only my grandmother and the elderly but everyone on the street," she said.

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