#BroadcastGood: The Salvation Army's Cleveland Temple Corps

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The Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland has a long-standing tradition in Northeast Ohio. As summer approaches, they want the community to know their door are open a wide-variety of essential services and activities.

Major Daniel Alverio showed us around their Cleveland Temple Corps in the Collinwood neighborhood. The facility was built thanks to a capital campaign and opened in 2016.

"We're a community outreach center," Maj. Alverio said.

Sun shines through the center's classrooms and sanctuary featuring stained glass windows.

Maj. Alverio said it all speaks to the mission of helping strengthen communities by helping its people- especially children.

"What happens if there's not a Salvation Army in this neighborhood or in our greater Cleveland communities," reporter Damon Maloney asked.

"They'll find something to do and often times for young people it's not good," Maj. Alverio said. "They get into trouble and then it harms the communities."

While the Salvation Army is known for providing food, shelter and clothing in times of great need- their work goes beyond that.

The Cleveland Temple Corps community center has a gym, activity rooms and classrooms for kids to learn, be connected with mentors and be creative.

Their summer calendar is filled. Each weekday a free lunch is offered to school-aged kids from noon to 1 p.m.

Basketball camp is a big hit and there's still open spots.

"For some reason the kids love basketball," Maj. Alverio joked. "It may be the Cavaliers connection. You have to learn techniques. You have to learn the discipline."

Other children will enjoy the Learning Zone Summer Camp. Field trips and other interactive sessions are planned. This year's them is 'This Little Light of Mine'.

"The kids are just going to be helped to understand their value in the community," Maj. Alverio said. "They have the power to change the world, and they definitely have the power to change their community."

The Connects Program is a new offering. It's a four-week course that teaches parents the power of being involved in their kids’ lives.

"They'll have a day when they'll learn how to cook. They'll have a day when they come do arts and crafts, and they'll learn something that perhaps they didn't do together," Maj. Alverio said. "We understand if a child's going to be successful they need a very good foundation and that comes from family."

Major Alverio is thankful for the community partners, volunteers and donations that keep the lights on and good work flowing.

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