A look at all of the Northeast Ohio places the bear visited before being hit by a car (map)

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The Ohio Department of Natural Resource (ODNR) has told Cleveland 19 the black bear who was hit and killed on I-77 Tuesday morning in Akron, was bear No. 727 that they have been tracking for some time.

So far in 2018 there have been 24 black bear sightings in the Northeast Ohio region that covers 19 counties.

Thirteen of those sighting have been confirmed with either pictures or video of a bear.

That doesn't necessarily mean there are 24 bears.

When ODNR takes reports they lump them all into one sighting.

For example, on Sunday several people called in the sighting of a black bear in Wadsworth.

All of those calls go down as one sighting in ODNR's logs.

ODNR believes the black bear in this picture, taken by Ron Schaefer, was the same bear killed in Akron.

Mapping the path of bear No. 727

ODNR has a simple way of tracking bear reports.

When sightings are confirmed they plot the points and the possible path traveled on a map in their district office.

In this picture, bear No. 727 is represented by the red line.

Here is a breakdown of the bear's path this spring:

  • May 12- Just south of Mantua
  • May 13- South of Twinsburg
  • May 16- Southeast of Broadview Heights
  • May 17- South of Broadview Heights
  • May 19- Just north of Granger
  • May 21- Southeast of Montville Township
  • May 23- South of Orrville
  • May 23- Southwest of Orrville
  • May 23- Just west of East Union
  • May 25- Southeast of Salt Creek
  • (15 day gap in sightings)
  • June 10- In Wadsworth
  • June 12- In Akron (killed on I-77)

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