Lakewood Electric Tattoo windows shot out weeks after opening

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Pellet holes and a boarded up window greet customers walking into Lakewood Electric Tattoo.

Shop owner Chuck Uhler said it began when someone shot out his side window with BB pellets early Friday morning. On Sunday, someone shot BB pellets into the shop's front window.

"I thought the first one was just kids and stuff happens and hopefully it won't happen again, and then a couple nights later I was like: 'Well, they're definitely targeting this space.' None of the other businesses were hit," said Uhler.

For years, legislation kept tattoo parlors out of the city. The law recently changed and Uhler opened his shop on Madison Avenue on May 14. It's the first one in Lakewood.

He said business has been great.

"Lakewood, it was always off limits, so that in itself was special being allowed to tattoo in Lakewood finally because of the community a lot of people in Lakewood have tattoos," said Uhler.

He's not sure who shot up his shop or why, but he wants it to stop.

"This side window was in the $1,000 window and these are two-and-half times the size of that side window. This hand painted window by Old Soul Sign Company was $1,500 for just both those windows. so, it's adding up, we're over $5,000 in damage," Uhler said.

He said, no matter what, he won't leave Lakewood.

"It's disappointing. It's a lot of work, but I guess it is what it is and we have to move on," he said.

Lakewood Police said the investigation is ongoing.

Until the vandalism stops, police plan to up patrols in the area.

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